Sinori Percussion®: a new percussion has come!

Sinori Percussion® is a one of a kind percussion derived from a sheet of steel, capable of producing a wide range of interesting sounds thanks to its design and shape that allows unique playing techniques, named Body-playing, as well as the most traditional ones.
It is the result of a study on metallic materials used in the field of music to produce sounds, as well as the application of the most important theories in industrial design.
Its distinctive shape makes it instantly recognisable yet easy to handle and to control. The control and the interaction of your body with the sheet is something unique and never experienced before: everything is simple, natural and effortless!
It will stir up your emotions and might even scare you, or it will caress you gently with some barely-audible vibrations.
Sinori Percussion® is much better than a traditional thunder's a brand new percussion instrument!


Sinori Percussion™ - Trailer
Tempo di esecuzione
Discovering Sinori Percussion™
Elio e le Storie Tese - Pagano
Tempo di esecuzione
Live in Carroponte di Sesto San Giovanni

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